Important Note on Friday the 4th

Note that the 4th will be a FULL day; we plan to end around 5pm. This limits those with international travel. Please plan on staying friday night.


Montpellier airport is well connected to Paris via AirFrance and Amsterdam via KLM. There are also limited Easyjet and NorwegianAir connections. Nearby airports that have Ryanair and further Easyjet service include Bezier and Nimes. Marseille enjoys international direct flights and connects to Montpellier via a 2-3 hour train ride.

From Bielefeld Pan-Genomics Workshop

Many of our regular participants will be attending the Computational Pan-Genomics workshop in Bielefeld. There will be a minor overlap with the workshop schedule, yet participants can travel to RECOMB-CG using the following convenient itinerary.

KL185612:25Dusseldorf → Amsterdam13:25
KL140714:05Amsterdam → Montpellier15:55


Here is a non-exhaustive list of recommended hotels (listed, roughly, in order of increasing price). Often very nice AirBNB apartments can be found in early October. Keep your eye out in particular for apartments in "Hôtels Particuliers".